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How it started

Sun burnt nose, dirty feet and a smile on my face. You know what the means, I have been to the old school flea markets. The ones in the middle of no where, outside with rickety wooden tables. There is no telling who you will see and what you will find. These are the places where my love for vintage, antique and just cool old stuff blossomed. Every time you go it's a different adventure, you become a pirate searching for booty. Digging through boxes and bins, not wanting to miss out on what could be treasure at the very bottom. I get such a rush at the possibility. Talking with like minded people who can appreciate things that most simply would throw out like garbage. Some items spark interest, nostalgia and some unlock a memory that you thought was gone forever. To imagine the life that a piece has lived, how many people have used it, who has enjoyed looking at it and why did it cross their path. What gets your heart pumping? The hunt, the history or the discovery?


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