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Nice? Yes. Pretty? Oh yes. But don't that fool you, she will rip you a new one. She's the green thumb of the duo for curtain. Any home grown herbs that we sell she has cared for personally at her home. 


Co-owner/ Manger

She's the wild card, you never can tell what's on her mind or what she's plotting. Lover of the macabre and misfit. She collects all unwanted treasures and bones of course.

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We crossed paths in 2005, and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. We share a love and fascination for the unique, rather it be natural items from the earth to man-made oddities. Our dream that we have discussed a thousand times has finally came into fruition. Bringing a collection of curious pieces and metaphysical items to minds alike, we would like to introduce The ODD shop.

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